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Hello, again milords and ladies! Welcome to our special Game of Thrones season 6 wrap up episode of The Cast Beyond the WallThis season was a big game changer in a number of ways, and for better or for worse the meticulous character development we've been used to take a back seat in favor of the breakneck speed of the plot. We finally saw the Greyjoys come back into the fold in the way Austin always wanted and the season even wrapped with Daenerys finally on her voyage to Westeros. This is the season showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss ran out of book material adapt and stepped completely out on their own. 

This season also marked a notable turnaround for women in Westeros. In earlier seasons most of them were repressed by their husbands, the patriarchy of the world, or even by their own missteps, but this year Daenerys, Cersei, Yara Greyjoy, Sansa Stark, and many others claimed the most powerful positions in the world of Game of Thrones. No matter the quality, this will be one of the seasons that define the show in the years to come.

In our special wrap up episode, Austin, Alex, Daniel, and I play a little game to make the season ender a bit more interesting. If you look at the picture below, you can see we have a bracket filled with different storylines from season 6. These storylines will be pitted against each other and the victor will be decided by group vote. To spice things up a big, we give each host the option to use a "Melissandre Resurrection" to bring one storyline back an placed in a separate bracket. In the end, the winner of the original bracket will go up against the winner of the resurrected losers bracket. It's a fun way to wrap up the season discussion!

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Game of Thrones season 6 comes to a close with what has now been confirmed as the final episode 10 of the series with The Winds of Winter. This extra long finale was jam-packed with long-awaited reveals, climactic plot twists, and the set up for what looks to be the series' final stretch toward the endgame. The Cast Beyond the Wall is here to help you process what is arguably one of the best hours of TV in the last five years.

It's been a theme running throughout the entire season, but last night cemented the rise to total power for all of our leading ladies including Sansa, Daenerys, and Cersie. Despite Jon being hailed as the new "King ind in the North"," Sansa still holds a key influence in retaking the north for House Stark and likely heading south. Cersei has remained somber for most of this season and it seems we were all correct in assuming that she was going to make a huge bloody action in the name of vengeance. We knew it was going to be huge move, but we never expected her to Michael Corleone the entire Tyrell regime. It was a swift move that's left her with unquestioned power and it came at the cost of her son Tommen and what was left of her humanity.

Austin, Daniel, and I are all very excited to talk about the high bar this episode set for future episodes. This may be the season 6 finale, but The Cast Beyond the Wall will return for at least two more episodes this year! Next week we will be doing a season 6 wrap up with the rest of the GoodTrash gang followed by a special episode taking a closer look at women in Game of Thrones and whether or not the show is actually misogynist(this finale doth protest). Keep your eyes peeled for more!

Tune in!

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Game of Thrones never fails to have an eventful episode 9 and season 6's The Battle of the Bastards was no exception. On this week's The Cast Beyond the Wall, Daniel, Austin, and myself break down the highly anticipated battle sequence and whether or not it lives up to some of the other series climactic battles.

Jon Snow has seen white walkers at Hardhome, defended the Wall outmatched a hundred to one, and even been brought back from the dead, but that doesn't make him any less a Stark. Leading up to the Battle, Jon scrapes together a strategy and ignores Sansa's advice not to go into battle. Sansa on the other hand continues to withhold the crucial info about Petyr Baelish's armies from the Eerie. Have Ramsey and Littlefinger compromised the elder Stark or was this just a rookie mistake?

Despite the title of the episode, this week also featured the biggest set piece we've ever seen in Mereen. Danerys rides Drogon and decimates entire ships from The Masters' fleet while Dario leads a full fledged ground assault with the Dothraki horde. Following the flawless victory, Theon and Yara Greyjoy arrive and request independence for the Iron Islands if they support her claim. We take a moment to discuss the issues with the season's continued abbreviation, particularly as it relates to Mereen. Has Dany's time to cross the Narrow Sea FINALLY come? For the sake of my sanity, let's hope so.

The Battle of the Bastards may contain not just one, but two of the finest action set pieces the series has ever seen, but I make the case that it lacks the magical secret sauce that makes Game of Thrones special. Austin and Daniel on the other hand were enamored by the undeniably impressive spectacle.


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This week's Game of Thrones leaves us with a podcast divided as The Cast Beyond the Wall debates the vices of the latest episode, No One. As the season comes to a close, we begin to develop our initial reactions to the season as a whole and not everyone agrees with the direction or the pacing of the show has taken on. We're joined again by Alexandra Bohannon of The GoodTrash Genrecast and The Film Syllabus to discuss Arya's rushed ending and Cersei's unclear scheming. 

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Game of Thrones brought us yet another resurrection this week with the surprising return of fan favorite Sandor "The Hound" Clegane.  With Jon, Benjen, and now our favorite chicken eating killer back is it possible that Westeros is starting to feel a little bit too safe? The Cast Beyond the Wall investigates this phenomenon along with the rest of the big reveals from this week's episode The Broken Man. Austin, Daniel and I give our initial reactions before diving into our scene by scene recap. 

This week was another great table-setter that featured a little bit more of the classic Game of Thrones monologuing that's been lacking in the breakneck pacing of the season so far. Margery proves that she's got the High Sparrow handled in her own way and even sends Lady Olenna Tyrell back to High Garden. Further north, the Starks have apparently discovered a magical means of teleportation as they recruit what's left of the northern houses. 

After suffering from a couple of lame storylines, it looks like Jaime's banishment from King's Landing might be the most interesting thing to happen to him in seasons. He's joined by Bronn as he's forced to retake Riverrun from the Blackfish. For those of you who may have forgotten, Brynden "The Blackfish" Tully, is Catelyn Stark's Uncle who escaped the clutches of The Red Wedding.

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We've crossed the halfway mark of Game of Thrones season 6 and the show continues to show no sign of slowing down. Blood of my Blood marks yet another episode of reveals on longstanding mysteries for both book readers and show watchers. The gents of The Cast Beyond the Wall are joined by GoodTrash Media's very own Frightful Femme, Kirsten Therkelson. 

Things pick up with Bran immediately after last week's tragic sacrifice  when he and Meera are rescued by none other than long lost Uncle Benjen Stark. After being attacked by white walkers, he's more zombie now than man, but he remains loyal to the Three-Eyed Raven. We talk a bit about the somewhat anti-climatic reveal as well as the meaning of the flashes of Westerosi history witnessed by Bran.

After a week off, the show returned the wretched hive of scum and villainy of King's Landing. This week saw Margery and Tommen making a deal with the High Sparrow which gave him the upper hand when faced with Jaime and the Tyrell army. It was a surprising turn of events that led to Jaime's being set to Riverrun.

That's right! After nearly fading into obscurity, Game of Thrones is heading back to the Riverlands to revisit the home of one Walder Frey. We discuss what this could mean heading into what appear to be the final chapter of the show.

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The ink has dried, the book has been written, and the door has closed on the life of Hodor the half-giant. This week's episode of Game of Thrones suffered one of the most emotional losses the show has seen yet and your hosts at The Cast Beyond the Wall are still cleaning up the tissues leading into this week's show. Hodor's sacrifice in The Door won't be forgotten, but we'd be remiss if we didn't talk about some of the other major turns and reveal throughout the episode. 

The Cast of Caleb, Daniel, and Austin continue their tradition of inviting a guest to the rotating fourth host spot by talking with the director the upcoming Oklahoma film, Electric Nostalgia. When he's not working on releasing his film or producing his interview web series called Talkies, Jacob is also an avid Game of Thrones watcher with more than a few things to say about the series.

This week's conversation has us talking about the unintended consequences of many of our heroes including the fallout between Sansa and Littlefinger, Bran's misuse of his own powers, and the outcome of the highly anticipated Kingsmoot. Before paying last respects to Hodor, we discuss the implications of Brans impact on the past and how this brings an entirely new element of time travel into the show's DNA. What are the new rules and what does the passing of the Three Eyed Raven mean for Bran? 

What are your thoughts on Bran's newfound powers, Hodor's swan song, and the reveal about the white walkers? Join the conversation and let us know what you think!

Stay in touch with guest host Jacob Leighton Burns

Keep up with TalkiesPlanet Thunder Productions, and Electric Nostalgia

Follow Jacob on Twitter @boomdiggadown

The Door Time Stamps

Introductions - :43

Listener Feedback - 6:58

First Thoughts - 9:21

The Kingsmoot - 13:09

Braavos - 21:45

Jorah's Farewell - 27:46

Mereen - 34:04

The Wall - 39:45

White Walker Origins - 49:52

Hold the Door! -56:21

Closing Thoughts - 1:10:26

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Game of Thrones season 6 continues to sail its Greyjoy ships full speed ahead in this week's episode Book of the Stranger. Every minute of this episode is packed tight with some of the very best Game of Thrones and The Cast Beyond the Wall brings the fire and the analysis to this week's particularly eventful episode. This week, the Cast is joined by one the co-founders of GoodTrash Media and host of The Film Syllabus, Alexandra Bohannon.

Book of the Stranger featured many crowd pleasing moments, but none as long awaited or emotional as the first Stark Reunion. We laughed, we cried, and somewhere George RR Martin felt a deep disturbance in his source material(probably). At long last, Daniel's dreams of whimsey and Stark victory seemed within grasp right before the rest of the team shuts him down by talking the rather unfortunate demise of Osha at the hands of Ramsey.

Austin coins the term "Post-Martinism" as we discuss the unusually optimistic turn of events in nearly every storyline this week. After being MIA for more than five episodes, Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish returns and it looks like he's bringing his army from the Eerie into the fold. After experiencing a moment of uncharacteristic fanboy excited, I discuss what his move could mean for the wars to come.

If all of the other heartwarming cheer moments weren't enough for you, Daenerys finally returned to form by reminding us all why she doesn't need dragons, unsullied, or knight's to be the epic leader that has been promised. 

Whether its religious zealotry or Game of Thrones failure to the LGBTQ characters, The Cast Beyond the Wall has this an every episode covered. What did you think of Book of the Stranger? Let us know by commenting below!

Book of the Stranger Time Stamps

Introductions - :34

The Listeners Send Their Ravens - 5:00

Initial Reactions - 9:14

Petyr Baelish returns to the Eerie - 18:08

Winterfell - 26:14

A Stark Reunion at The Wall - 30:17

The Iron Islands - 40:38

King's Landing - 46:18

Mereen - 1:01:00

Daenerys Is Back - 1:04:28

Closing Takeaway Analysis - 1:14:12

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The Cast Beyond the Wall returns with more Westerosi recapping goodness this week as they give us the breakdown of season 6 episode 3, Oathbreaker. This  Bran's latest dream sequence, Cersei's latest scheme against the Tyrells, and Arya Stark's latest training montage. This week may be lighter on shocking twists and turns, but that doesn't keep it from delivering the old school scheming and verbal sparring that made Game of Thrones a household name.

This week has us delving even further down the R+L=J rabbit hole as Caleb, Austin, and Daniel discuss the highly anticipated battle between Ned Stark and Arthur Dayne. Just before getting to the real meat and potatoes of the flashback, Max von Sydow's Three-Eyed Raven swoops in to remove Bran from the greater mystery of the past. 

The rest of Westeros continues to be in a state of decay as King Tommen continues to be the world's biggest pushover, the small council is divided between Lannister and Tyrell, and the North's leadership is slowly crumbling to the feet of Ramsey Bolton. This week continues to be dialog driven set up with a few surprises including the Jon Snow's final decision as the the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. 

Essos continues to be a real snooze fest with Arya's training spinning its wheels while Daenerys continues to retread her old narrative stomping grounds. 

The show continues to move at a rapid pace and the gang here at The Cast Beyond the Wall are excited to lay out their favorite theories and predictions.

What are your thought on Oathkeeper? Chime in via the comments below or on our Twitter or Facebook pages. 

Oathbreaker Time Stamps

Introductions - :17

Overview - 3:47

Daenerys - 9:42

Mereen - 12:26

Braavos - 18:18

Samwell & Gilley - 21:59

King's Landing - 25:43

The Tower of Joy - 38:33

Rickon in Winterfell - 50:37

Jon Snow's Return - 56:46

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Game of Thrones season 6 returned with a notably strong sophomore outing filled major coups, unexpected plot turns, and even a little bit of Tyrion dragon whispering action. The Cast Beyond the Wall is back to recap, theorize, and analyze the scene by scene break down of a scene by scene betrayals.

This week marks the return of the majorly MIA Greyjoys. After being away from the action for years, it looks the House is back to sow some major storylines. What better way to mark the return of the "winner" of the War of the five kings than a good old fashion pirate mutiny. Austin chimes in with his thoughts on Balon's mysterious brother and what it could mean for later in the season.

There are a number of cool moments including Jaime's standoff with High Sparrow, but the really moving and shaking in this episode was happening in the North. In a shocking turn of events, Ramsey Bolton finally crossed the line and took out Roose. We try to decide how many of the Bolton's numbered days are left. We also can't wrap up the discussion without talking Bran's newfound superpower to look into the past or Jon Snow's awakening. 

What did you think of the closing moments, and will the Greyjoys make a major return this year? Sound off in comments and we'll read your thoughts on air next week!

Home Time Stamps

Introductions - :44

Listener Raven - 3:41

Initial Impressions - 8:44

Mereen - 15:54

Braavos - 21:34

King's Landing - 24:00

Beyond the Wall - 33:26

Winterfell -  38:43

The Iron Islands - 48:27

The Wall - 55:00

Oathbreaker Preview - 1:12:00

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TCBtW #25 - The Red Woman

After nearly a year of waiting, Game of Thrones has returned to kick off season 6 with a nice bit of set up and a couple of surprising twists in The Red Woman. The Cast Beyond the Wall returns with your guide to all of the biggest moments of the episode followed by some exciting fan theories and analysis looking at what this episode is all about.

The Cast's hosts Caleb Masters, Austin Lucari, and Daniel Stull are joined by Dalton Stuart of The GoodTrash Genrecast and The People's History of Film to travel from the the water gardens of Dorne all the way to the furthest reaches of Mereen in this week's recap.

The Red Woman serves more or less as a pretty standard Game of Throne premiere by checking in with most of the major players while also planting a few seeds for the bigger things yet to come. Showrunners DB. Weiss and David Benioff open with a sequence at the wall that removes any doubt the audience had. Jon Snow is dead. For now. Further south, Jaime and Cersei are reunited to mourn the loss of their daughter Myrcella at the hands of Ellaria Sand. Lena Headey steals the spotlight as the episode's MVP in one of the character's most vulnerable scenes to date.

To cap off the episode, our hosts talk about how this season seems to be pushing the ladies of Westeros to the forefront and the more optimistic tone when compared to the somewhat dour downtrodden tone of season 5.


The Red Woman Time Stamps

Guest Introduction - 1:50

Review - 3:25

Tyrion and Varys in Mereen - 8:54

Arya in Braavos -24:04

Dorne - 26:17

Lannisters in King's Landing - 32:58

Winterfell - 39:11

Davos and Melissandre At The Wall - 58:01

Closing Analysis - 1:16:56


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Direct download: The_Red_Woman_Final.mp3
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The Cast Beyond the Wall returns to catch people up to speed up to speed before season 6's big premiere. We hit up every storyline from the wall all the way to Braavos and Mereen before talking our theories. 

This season we we are hosted by the GoodTrash Media Network. Check us out on their social media pages


Twitter @Good_Trash


Pre-Season 6 Time Stamps

Introductions - 1:11

Season 5 Recap - 6:37

Remembering the North - 7:47

Greyjoys - 25:39

Mereen - 31:22

Braavos - 42:06

King's Landing - 48:43

Closing Thoughts - 65:08

Direct download: PreSeason_6_Final.mp3
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